Friends of Army Aviation

Ozark (FAA-O)



The Friends of Army Aviation –Ozark, (FAA–O), is a non-profit public education organization filed under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS. The organization is dedicated to presenting the Army Aviation story to the American people through static displays of legacy Army aircraft and an associated ride program.


To provide the American public an opportunity to experience the rich heritage of Army Aviation by having an opportunity participate in aerial flight in those legacy Army aircraft that served in combat flown by Army crews.  To educate those who are unaware of the importance of Army Aviation and the role it played in armed conflicts and providing the troops with the support needed to achieve their mission and to ensure their survival on the battle field.

The Purpose

The Friends of Army Aviation, Ozark has five primary purposes:

1.     Educate the American public to the contributions Army Aviation has provided to the battle field.

2.    Support the families and friends of soldiers who have given the ultimate in support of freedom around the world.

3.    To inspire young people to consider aviation as a career and to honor those soldiers serving past and present.

4.    To maintain, restore and preserve authentic legacy Army aircraft used in combat operations and enable the general public

       the opportunity to ride in and experience the same sights and sounds as those of a combat veteran.

5.    Support Ft. Rucker, The Home of Army Aviation, and the local Wiregrass communities with an outreach program who desire to

       demonstrate their patriotism in support of the America serviceman and as a salute to their sacrifice and dedication to duty and country.

The Need

As time and distance accumulates, the legacy of the contributions of the American soldier fades into distant memory. The contributions made by these patriotic Americans should not be lost.  The ability to keep the “Memory” alive is paramount in our mission,  by preserving this rich history of Army Aviation and to provide the American citizen the opportunity to appreciate the contributions made by Army aircraft in support of the soldier so that the memory will live on.

Friends of Army Aviation – Ozark


Officers and Board of Directors

President                                            John "Doc” Holladay

Vice-Pres                                           John Hall

Treasurer                                           Mike Medlen

Secretary                                           Dee Medlen

Director of Operations                       Al Havenstein

Director of Maintenance                    George Schmitz      Rotorcraft

                                                          Al Owen                  Fixed Wing

Chief Pilots                                        Roger Zupon          Rotorcraft

                                                          Mike Smith              Fixed Wing

Quality Assurance                             Rich Willis

Safety Officer                                    John Langhammer

Founders 2003

Gen (Ret.) David Allen              Dave Stark                   Lisa Bailey

George Schmitz                        Jud Lewis                     Roger Zupon

Current BOD

Gen (Ret.) David Allen – Emeritus                    Gen. (Ret.) Lou Hennies

Stephanie Blankenship                                      John “Doc” Holladay

Mike Medlen                                                      George Schmitz