Personal experiences . . .

This page is to share photos and stories of individuals who have been touched by the activities of the Friends of Army Aviation - Ozark.

Remembering one of our own..

Comments from our Fly-In - Manchester, Iowa 

Response from a few visitors at Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, FL, August 31-September 1

"I am a retired veteran and had the chance to ride in a Huey twice at a event in Hattiesburg, Ms. at Camp Shelby. I enjoyed every minute of the ride. After the event was over I just walked around the Huey wondering if one day I would be able to to fly one lol....but that hasn't happen yet. I think I have watched the " Rambo " movie maybe 60 or 70 times just to see him fly the Huey and listen to the sound of the blades. Hopefully I'll get to ride again in Honor of my dad who was in Vietnam along side my uncle who also was in Vietnam. I think is very wonderful what you all are keep up the great work and keep those blades turning for the Vet's and families !

"I'm a retired Marine and have flown in a Huey many times. It was a thrill to share that experience 

with my son. We had a blast. I hope you come back to Panama City Beach often. We will be there.

"Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always loved helicopters. It came from growing up near Ft. Rucker--the Army’s Aviation School is there. I have been up in commercial helicopters, but never a military aircraft. Well today, that dream of mine finally came true. I rode in a Bell UH-1 Iroquois “Huey” Helicopter. It was way better than any other craft I’ve been in. A big thank you to The Friends of Aviation for helping that dream into becoming a reality."