OK. Folks, an Important update from our President, John Doc Holladay

Hey folks,

The message I bring to you today is one of brightness and exhilaration. I would normally express my feelings in a four or five paragraph email. But today I want to try something different, short, sweet and to the point.

The quarterly Board meeting was held this past Wednesday and the outcome of all discussed was favorable and positive. The Chairman, Gen. Lou Hennies, is elated and profoundly energized at the direction this organization is going.

Folks, that bodes well for each member of this organization and the future, in his eyes, is bright. A number of topics discussed are listed below.

  1. Dilly Branch Rd. (Ft. Rucker) acquisition...3 Huey's and 3 OH-58's (completed all six aircraft located at FAA-O hangar)
  2. DAR (FAA Designated Airworthy Representative) visit. (123 data plate installed; aircraft registration ongoing)
  3. Procurement of rotor blades(Dilly Branch Rd. acquisition)(in negotiation with
  4. ACS Composite, Sanford, FL. to become a corporate sponsor)
  5. Sponsor board (George Bartlett creation and has received outstanding accolades
  6. from everyone. Also Lee Hayward contributed the painting and lettering. Outstanding.)
  7. Upcoming calendar events currently being established. STAY TUNED..ALOT ON THE PLATE!
  8. Merchandise t-shirts design completed thanks to Charlie Schieffer.
  9. Coming out party for our UH-1H 123 scheduled for July 15th and display of
  10. FAA-O's other assets. Time and location TBD.
  11. Next aircraft projects Huey 467, Cobra and OH-58.

As many of you know we have negotiated a long term lease agreement with our corporate engine overhaul facility, Ozark AeroWorks LLC, Springfield, MO, whereby putting an overhauled part 135 rated engine in 123. The program is called "POWER BY THE HOUR", meaning we will pay $160.00 per flight hour for peace of mind and safety which in my eyes and everyone else's is priceless. Contract is available for viewing should you have any questions.

As you can see from what I have stated above, it would be obvious to every member of this organization that help is needed and needed badly! I challenge everyone to step up, become involved with the ongoing tasks that have been laid at the feet of this organization. How will we do this? First, I have appointed Chuck Schieffer as the Director of Operations and between him and I we will push the many needed tasks to completion going forward.

1. We need an expert in putting up cyclone fencing. We have 20' of fence to be taken down and approximately 30' to be put back up near the back corner of the hangar.
Contact Chuck, 334-434-4479.

2. Weekly membership participation has consisted of the same members, i.e., George Schmitz, Roger Zupon, Chuck Schieffer, Georg Bartlett, Dee Medlen and myself. I point this out simply to make everyone aware that more participation is needed in order for this organization to fulfill the needed tasks that lie ahead as we go into the next level. The reason for my concern is this, as the temperature rises the energy level is depleted and physical limitations begin to erode. How do we overcome these issues????

A. Maintenance teams will be assigned by name to each aircraft type (UH-1, AH-1, OH-58). Teams will be supervised by Director of Maintenance. This means, the team does the work, George does the supervising. Folks, we have to multi-task at this point. Step up and be accounted for.

3. Because we are soon to enter into the next level for FAA-O, it has been determined that the "Sweat Equity" log will be re-instituted. This log is used to determine crew assignments and show attendance participation. "SIMPLY STATED....IF YOU WORK IT, LOG IT"!

All hours are equal. Log anytime you put out effort for FAA-O. 

In closing, I really tried to reduce the contents of this email, but I guess I fell a little short, but as you can see there is a lot to say, but more importantly, to be done. I would again make a clear and precise request, your help is greatly needed to ensure that the work that has best been done, has not been in vain, but to ensure that the legacy of this organization is left to those coming after us.

Warm regards,


John "Doc" Holladay
Friends of Army Aviation - Ozark